Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Sept 15

Akira via Cyberpunk on Facebook

Akira via Cyberpunk on Facebook

Are we over that whole Ashley Madison thing yet? Because I dunno about you’ze, kittens, but we’ze mighty bored with the whole damn thing. We may even get so bored we do an explainer, so we can just hand the URL to people and never have to talk about the damn thing again.

You know what, though? I’d really like to know which dating sites have seen a sudden flurry of new registrations, as the Ashley Madisonites look for greener, more secure pastures. I wonder how is doing, for instance…

But back to the task at hand: making sure your brain is filled up for the day and ready to hit the information highway running.

You can’t tell me Sun Ra’s not cyber-fabulous! Sun Ra’s Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 UC Berkeley Course, “The Black Man in the Cosmos” (OpenCulture)

“I did not have textual relations with that server!” 31,000 Emails That Hillary Clinton Tried to Delete Could Now be Made Public (Vice)

Your new bible: How to Become a Hacker (CATB)

Self-destructing computer chip can protect top secret data (Engadget) Sure. As long as the computer is never connected to the internet.

We Have the Right to Repair Everything We Own (IFixIt) Or, as the corporations say, “No, you don’t.”

Tracking a Bluetooth Skimmer Gang in Mexico (Krebs)

Turkish magazine raided, copies collected for insulting Erdoğan (Hurriyet)

Officials Cover Up Housing Bubble’s Scummy Residue: Fraudulent Foreclosure Documents (TheIntercept)

Students Wonder When Creepy-As Hell App That Watches Them During Exams Plans on Deleting Their Data (Gawker)

Download o’ the Day: Do Not Enter: Blue Coat Research Maps the Web’s Shadiest Neighborhoods (BlueCoat)

Unmasked: What 10 million passwords reveal about the people who choose them (WPEngine)

What are the Real Risks of Bioweapons Research? (PopularScience)

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