Interwebbed #Cyber and #Crypto #News for August 20

Bite Size Bond by Rooners Toy Photography on Flickr

Bite Size Bond by Rooners Toy Photography on Flickr

The Ashley Madison dump continues to leak, in a denouement exactly as savory as its mission statement. Journalists continue to be murdered. Drones continue to get hacked. Prisoners continue getting shot by police. And Cryptospherian kittens keep on reading about it, over the beverage of their choice, leaving them shaken and stirred.

Cop stands over prone, handcuffed prisoner who’s been shot several times. Swears at him, shoots him in the groin. Surprise ending: Attempted murder charge laid today (BaltimoreSun)

Watch a hacker take down a drone remotely (PopularScience) Wait…isn’t that how MOST drones are operated? If he pulled it out of the air with his hands, that would be truly impressive.

Petition o’ the Day: Mexico: Stop attacks on freedom of expression! (Avaaz) In other words: NO MORE DEAD JOURNOS.

All the US military and .gov domains in the Ashley Madison hack (Pastebin) Wait, what’s hacked, credit cards compromised (Hackread) But their customers are cheap enough that any expenditure greater than $20 will probably alert the credit card companies to fraud

Hacknet, the game about being a hacker (RockPaperScissors) Wait, LIFE IS NOT A GAME JIMBO!

Forex scandal: White collar criminals must face jail not fines, say UK experts (RT) Don’t be ridiculous, they’re BANKSTERS!

PKK declares autonomous region in Turkey’s Dersim province (Rudaw) I wouldn’t mess with the Kurds. Will Erdogan?

How Class and Race Immiserate (Jacobin) The more things change…

Introduction: A Word Album LOL (RebelNews) by Barrett Brown

Mistakes Were Made: A Talk With the Head of the Communist Party USA (Gawker) Surprisingly relevant to the mainstream, and I say that as a pinko myself.

Research Paper o’ the Day: The Case Against Hedge Fund Managers (AI-CIO) The short form: They mostly don’t do what they charge you for. When they do, they lose your money.

Smashed laptops once containing Snowden secrets pose privacy questions, researchers say (WashingtonTimes)

5 Best Countries to Escape America’s Decline (TalesFromTheLou) Come on, Canada, up your game!

Tweet series o’ the Day: weev on the Ashley Madison hack (click through to see them all)

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