Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 28

Pulp Glitchin via Glitch Artists Collective on Facebook

Pulp Glitchin via Glitch Artists Collective on Facebook

Buck up, kittens, it’s only Tuesday and there’s a lot more to the week ahead. We’ll wait once you’ve struck that unique balance of up and down, that diet Coke and Egg McMuffin, that half-caff 2% foamy latte, that Huge-Ass Needle of…but there, SPOILER ALERT!

As balanced as you’re going to get? Us too. Let’s get to it!

Police just busted a $19 million iPhone counterfeiting factory in Beijing run by a middle-aged married couple (Reuters) Well, everything in China IS run by a middle-aged married couple. I saw Kung Fu Hustle.

Apple App Store and iTunes Store – Filter Bypass & Persistent Invoice Web Vulnerability (VulnerabiltyMagazine) I’m sorry, I just can’t help thinking Vulnerability Magazine is Cosmopolitan Magazine’s romcom addicted, less slutty vegan sister who has lots of cats.

Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on warfare AI and autonomous weapons (Guardian) I can hardly wait for the next, Steampunkish Terminator starring these three as heroes. My money’s on Hawking in that fight. He’s a total badass.

Torture is bad. So psychologists helped the US redefine it (Wired) Hey, did anyone else see 1984?

FBI backtracks on cell phone trackers (MuckRock) Remember when they said that they totally did that thing? After years of denying it and being caught red-handed? Yeah well, they’d like to let you know they were lying to your face. Totes. Totes lying about that thing. Or, actually, you were mistaken. And no, the lights aren’t dimmer, what are you talking about, silly?

NSA Will Destroy Archived Metadata When Program Stops (UnofficialSources) At least, it will if you trust the NSA. Which you would not do if you were familiar with the plot of Bluebeard.

Another Anon gone: ro0ted retires (Cyberguerrilla) Lately it feels like Four Funerals and No Weddings in Anonymous.

Navy officials investigate reported rash of cancer cases involving attorneys for Guantanamo prisoners (RawStory) Poisoning the lawyers? What this case needs is a Whistleblower!

The Hacker Name Generator (Pimp.Name) I’m Cyber Knife, which someone named ZeroCool will immediately tell me isn’t really “Hacker“.

Choctaw Activist Found Dead In Miss. Jail Cell After Traffic Stop Arrest (ChicagoDefender) I’d make an Agatha Christie pun, but I don’t have the heart.

The Camouflaged Military Bunkers of Switzerland (AmusingPlanet) Good to know that Heidi didn’t lie: everything there really IS quaint, even the military technology.

The 6 most-secret units in military history (WeAreTheMighty) Well, until now, that is.

A Silicon Valley mogul wants to solve the global refugee crisis by creating a new country (WaPo) I saw this in The Mouse That Roared and it turns out really funny (not)

The Hustler Origins of Wearable Computers (Gizmodo) Well, to be fair neither of these guys would have made it to Ocean’s 11, 12, 13, or n+1.

The CIA Paid This Contractor $40 Million to Review Torture Documents (Vice) Huh. Even the Spook Industrial Complex has The D Girls. Only unlike Hollywood, they’re not underpaid.

Buying Cheap Gear: Killing Yourself and the American-based Tactical Product Revolution (ItsTactical) Because faux badass is the worst kind of faux, as Bogie would tell you except he wouldn’t talk to the likes of you faux badass-wearing motherfuckers.

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