Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for July 23

Warp Speed Dissolving into Monitors 22/365 by Louish Pixel on Flickr

Warp Speed Dissolving into Monitors 22/365 by Louish Pixel on Flickr

*peeks out from cyberbunker*

Is it clear? Is it safe? Is it even still there?

We’re back from a two day mental health break (insert cheap, self-effacing joke here) and on Link Duty, so grab the beverage of your choice and prepare for the onslaught!

In The War of 2050, The Robots Call The Shots (DefenseOne)

The Donald Trump Insult Generator (MotherJones)

Facebook Loses Appeal on New York Search Warrants (NYT) So, basically, Facebook is even more Fedbook than they can stand, themselves

MI5 ‘helped Margaret Thatcher cover-up paedophile Tory MP’s activities’ new documents reveal (Mirror)

HELL hacking forum on Dark Web just went to hell (Techworm)

Treating Cybercrime Like a Disease (Pymnts)

Download o’ the Day: The Defense Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers (RWB)

Fax Machine Radicalization from 1998 (WarOnTheRocks)

If doxxed by Donald Trump, destroy your cell phone on video (GrahamCluley)

The Secret Agents Who Stake Out the Ugliest Corners of the Internet (TheAtlantic)

The Secret Deal between Canada’s Border Guards and Spies (Shhhhcretly)

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