Experts weigh in on recent spate of bomb threats on Canadian flights

Or, it could be as simple as:
a) Somebody really, really hates WestJet and
b) it’s the Silly Season and
c) somebody doesn’t quite understand the penalties for calling in false bomb threats, ie basically handing over the rest of your life to the prison system.

Global News

TORONTO — Nerves were frayed amongst WestJet passengers at Pearson Airport after hearing a fourth flight from the same airline was the target of a bomb threat in just five days.

“I’m afraid of flying to begin with so if there’s a bomb threat I’m not getting on that plane,” said one woman standing beside her luggage, who declined to give her name.

Another man getting ready to fly out called the incidents “upsetting.”

READ MORE: Airlines can’t let guard down despite recent spate of hoax threats

The latest bomb threat was Wednesday night, after officials received a call that an explosive device was onboard a Toronto-bound flight from Vancouver.

The plane was diverted and landed in Calgary as a precaution. As was the case with the previous threats, no bomb was found and officials deemed it a hoax.

“This is very serious, making bomb threats against airlines,” said crime…

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