Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 19


Jinkies! It’s The Mystery Machine by Chad Horwedel on Flickr

Zoinks, looks like Scooby Doo was real life after all.

When I was little, I thought that when you became a teenager you were given a van and either an English Sheepdog or a Great Dane, and you and your friends (who may or have been in a pop band) drove around the country solving mysteries. I also thought that A&W carded you when you ordered a teenburger. Then I grew up.

Growing up sucks, kittens. Growing. Up. Sucks.

Librarians just discovered 500 new (old) fairy tales, so why grow up at all? (Guardian) (what do you mean this link is completely random? It’s not random: It’s arbitrary!)

Modern Fairy Tales: The New Mad Max Film Is So Feminist My Scrotum Killed Itself (Jezebel)

Anonymous hacks the Chilean government (HackRead)

The UK changes laws to make it harder to reveal unflattering truths about royals (HangTheBankers)

Woman convicted of criminal harassment of police officer for posting pic of graffiti sentenced (MontrealGazette)

The Legacy of Oakland? Obama to Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons For Local Police Forces (Gawker)

Now THIS is radical: for effective political change, activists should target corporations, not politicians (Jacobin)

Analyzing the social media power of anti-WikiLeaks trolls (Greekemmy)

Anonymous Hackers Claim 1 Terabyte Of Passwords Stolen From Italy’s Expo 2015 (IBTimes)

Arizona ex-Anon the Bitcoin Baron in jail, no bail, for DDoS attacks on police sites (Tripwire)

My god, it’s filled with stars! Computers made of light not too far away (Motherboard)

Hey kids! McDonalds not hiring? Get a summer job at the NSA! (NSA)

The sad, strange tale of EZTV’s death (TorrentFreak)

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