Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for May 12

DARPA competition Johnny 05 bot via DARPA on Facebook, YES THEY ARE ON FACEBOOK

DARPA competition Johnny 05 bot via DARPA on Facebook, YES THEY ARE ON FACEBOOK

Happy Tuesday, kittens! We have a juicy link roundup for you today, thankfully bereft of police shootings, sparser of geopolitics, and richer in hacky hackers hacking Gibsons and DARPAbots and the like. Lucky for you we let our subscription to Foreign Policy run out! Although who wouldn’t want to know what Henry Kissinger thinks about the latest GTA?

Bleep: Bittorrent’s super-private messaging service. (FastCo)

Are you a Canadian ISP? According to spy bill C-51, you’re now also a Canadian internet censor. (TheWhir)

Who wants C.H.I.P., the $9 computer? Everyone! (ZDNet)

Does nobody notice the Irish actually have BAD luck? Well, the luck of the Irish strikes again as Shamrockcoin operation is raided (CoinDesk)

The Military-Industrial complex is now the Surveillance-Industrial Complex, and here are its partners (TheIntercept)

Photofucket, the tool that lets hackers steal Photobucket pictures. Creators arrested (CyberCrew)

Sy Hersh’s Osama Bin Laden allegations broken down and compared to the official record (Gawker)

Whistleblower Reveals Cyber Security Firm Hacks Its Own Clients To Extort Them (HackRead)

EFF Withdraws Support For USA Freedom Act After Last Week’s Court Ruling (TechDirt)

Cane for the blind uses facial recognition technology to alert users to nearby friends and family (NakedSecurity)

China and Russia sign cybersecurity pact, promise not to hack each other (WSJ)

Startup That Revolutionized The Internet To Be Acquired By Phone Company (DealBreaker)

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