Illinois AG Sues Company For Dumping Medical Files Containing Patients’ Personal Info In The Trash

Medical records are GOLD STANDARD for identity theft, and unfortunately they are rarely protected as well as they should be. In countries where the user pays out of pocket they may even include payment data like credit cards.

As I’ve long said, we will see no change in data protection UNTIL we see some heavy-duty class action and other lawsuits for data leakage. Thanks to the Target leak and now this AG-led lawsuit, we may pass along the pain to the corporations who are responsible for the leak. After all, if your bank got robbed, it shouldn’t cost you anything. And your data is solid gold in this information economy.


(CBS 2) (CBS 2) When you get medical treatment, the information that goes into your file is extensive and can contain a whole lot of personal information like your name, address, Social Security Number as well as your medical history. That private stuff should be kept from the prying eyes of others, which is exactly the opposite of what Illinois prosecutors say one company did when allegedly dumping medical files in the trash.

CBS 2 in Chicago says it tipped off Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office after finding thousands of medical files in a Dumpster in February, and that she’s now filed a lawsuit against a company called Filefax for allegedly violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.

Medical, financial and other personal records were just dumped in the garbage, files Filefax was hired to store, maintain and eventually destroy, the

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