USPS Accused Of Abusing Spy Program

So practices which are ROUTINE in a USPS surveillance program include targeting individuals for political purposes. Yeah, that’s a problem. Now, let’s go back to the fundamental question here, which is when did the USPS become a spy agency in the first place?


The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) released a report Tuesday calling on Congress to improve oversight of a U.S. Postal Service program that has been used to collect sender and recipient information from the mail of thousands of citizens, often without proper authorization.

Last year, however, the USPS Inspector General released a report detailing a variety of questionable practices related to mail covers, including improper authorization and targeting of individuals for political purposes, which the IG warned could “lead to public concerns over privacy of mail, and harm the Postal Service’s brand.”

Full Story @ [dailycaller]

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