FBI, Justice Department pledge review after flawed hair analysis

This is important. These were not “flawed” hair analysis testimonies. These were lies. Perjury. By FBI agents and staffers. It’s important to come right out and say so, Global News.

Global News

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department and FBI on Monday pledged an independent review of FBI laboratory protocols and procedures following the discovery of flawed forensics testimony in hundreds of older criminal cases.

The investigation will look at how the scientific problem occurred and “why it was allowed to continue for so long,” the Justice Department said. Law enforcement officials also said they would move forward with reviewing hundreds of additional cases in which scientifically invalid testimony concerning microscopic hair analysis may have been given, and would encourage states whose examiners were trained by the FBI to conduct their own reviews.

The steps, outlined in a joint statement with the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers, follow revelations of flawed testimony by specialized FBI examiners in criminal prosecutions dating back decades. Errors in hair analysis have been found in most cases that have been examined so far…

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