#Sabu Week Bonus: Adrian Lamo is Bradley Manning; Sabu is not Adrian Lamo

Definitely the Facebook post of the Day, coming to us direct from Norwegian Pirate Party activist Raymond Johansen:

Adrian lamo on Sabu on Twitter

Adrian lamo on Sabu on Twitter

Adrian Lamo I am Bradley Manning

Adrian Lamo I am Bradley Manning

In case that doesn’t load for you, it says:

This is ‪#‎SnitchDay‬ | now here is Snitch vs “Snitch” competing to see who has the highest IQ, the sharpest wit and the most venomous sting…

I give you Adrian Krycek Lamo challenging ‪#‎Sabu‬ by way of chat logs, no surprise there.

and features two contrasting images: one is a tweet from Adrian Lamo quoting Sabu, the informant whom the FBI publicly credited with helping them put away Jeremy Hammond along with most of LulzSec and a significant chunk of AntiSec, who was saying in chat “I’m not a snitch. I’m not Adrian Lamo”. The other is a photo of Adrian Lamo, the man who turned in Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning, holding up a sign saying “I am Bradley Manning.”

The integrity of the delicate space/irony continuum, kittens: I fear for it.

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3 replies

  1. Adrian Lamo holding that message. What a dick.


  2. There is not one decent person in the world that would want to be Adrian Lamo or as his friend discuss matters of conscience in good faith, and in a trust based relationship ? Matters that possibly conflict with military atrocities carried out by the pentagon on innocent civilians, including torture, killing newsmen not in bed with their official version, or spin of false news. Even responsible for helping them
    cover up their tragic mistakes. Even as responsible as them for continuing on to do many more atrocious things. No Adrian Lamo is merely a brainwashed dishonest moron, an internet troll. A real friend to no one on earth, a man rotting from the inside out with ten minutes of fame. A legacy of betrayal that will reverberate through the future so that whenever a friend is betrayed, they will call their betrayer a Lamo .


  3. Lamo is so very ugly, inside and out.

    Rumors are that Chelsea may be on Obama’s short list for a pardon. *prayers*


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