#Sabu Week: The #FBI #LulzSec Files, 2011

LulzKitteh does not approve! via Trinity Fawkes on Twitter

LulzKitteh does not approve! via Trinity Fawkes on Twitter

LulzSec, as we have stated before, was of interest to the FBI basically since it first broke away from Anonymous. At the time I warned them that separating from the Hive would make them a target, a much easier target to hit, but there’s no denying that the breakaway or standalone crews like LulzSec, Cabin Crew, and AntiSec got a great deal of very high-profile hacktivism work done in a very short period of time.

The “Golden Age” of hacktivism was in reality only about two years, from 2010 to the swathe of arrests that punctuated 2012, ending more or less with the spectacular, on-camera raid on Barrett Brown. And this is how it all went down, expressed in the FBI’s own files.

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