Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 24

Hacker, Diebe, Sensationen 330/365 by Dennis Skley on Flickr

Hacker, Diebe, Sensationen 330/365 by Dennis Skley on Flickr

Sabu Week is in full effect, kittens! Aren’t you thrilled? Don’t worry, once we’ve settled some old scores and shone some light into some dark corners of Anonymous and its alumni, we’ll be back to regular programming. In fact, we’ll have some regular programming this very week! How excited are you???

Don’t answer that. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Or you your news links.


Stealing data from airgapped computers via infrared: So hot right now (Wired)

10 spy programmes with silly codenames used by GCHQ and NSA (AmnestyInternational)

Brand new version of SecureDrop released (FreedomOfThePress)

Bots, Socks, Trolls & Online Astroturf (Storify)

‘ISIS Hackers’ Googled Their Hit List; Troops’ Names Were Already on Public Websites (DailyBeast)

Utah to use firing squads if lethal drugs are unavailable (AP)

Scientist says No to censorship: Hydrogen Bomb Physicist’s Book Runs Afoul of Energy Department (NYT)

Kiriakou speaks out: CIA Torture Whistleblower: Wake Up America, You’re Next (MediaRoots)

NYPD Captains Union Website Infected with Malware By Anonymous (HackSurfer)

Help map media freedom in Europe (MediaFreedom)

Fake “Incoming Fax Report” emails lead to crypto-ransomware (HelpNet)

Space Marines With Jetpacks! (WarIsBoring)

The Feel-Good Switch: The Radical Future of Emotion (SingularityHub)

Fully automated luxury communism (Guardian)

S.F. loves anti-homeless design; just look around (SFChronicle)

Swedish city demands £40,000 to repair teenage hacking spree (TheRegister)

Twitter Data Mining Reveals the Origins of Support for Islamic State (MIT)


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