Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 2

Boba Fett vs the Cyber Bunny by lamont_cranston on Flickr

Boba Fett vs the Cyber Bunny by lamont_cranston on Flickr

Happy Start of Easter Month, kittens! Are we excited yet? If not, it’s probably because you cannot experience the glory which is Kinder Eggs, because you live in a benighted part of the globe, or perhaps because Cadbury changed the recipe of their magnificent Easter Creme (“krem” is such an awful word) Eggs. Indeed, a creme against nature and humanity and the very concept of high fructose corn sugar-fueled holidays itself!

Stir a second spoonful of sugar into your morning coffee today and raise your cup to a new dawn, a new today, a new week, a new roundup of cyberwar and hacktivism news. Just a spoon full of sugar makes the clumsy segue go down…

Hackers vs the NSA in 1986 (2600 via BoingBoing)

New Scam Targeting Soldiers With USAA Hits Instagram (GuardianOfValour)

The United States Is Angry That China Wants Crypto Backdoors, Too (Vice)

Can you shoot down a drone on your land? New incident raises self-defense questions (GigaOm)

Uber breach exposed personal details of 50,000 drivers (TheHoops)

FORK ME! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers (TheRegister)

Breaking: Graphic video shows LAPD shooting a homeless man (RevolutionNews via Facebook)

Boris Nemtsov’s last Facebook post accuses Putin of throwing away Russian lives and covering it up (Facebook)

DoD Releases “Evidence” of Snowden’s Damages to National Security… and it’s COMPLETELY Redacted (TheAntiMedia)

Cybercrime could become more lucrative than drugs, police chief warns (TheTelegraph)

Leaked Document Alleges Sudan Planned Mass Murder (WarIsBoring)

Natural Grocers Investigating Card Breach (Krebs)

My War on Terror: Letter to an Unknown American Patriot (Tomgram)

How to Cope with File Encrypting Ransomware (Shhh-cretly)

American atheist blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death in his native Bangladesh (WaPo)

From the Collected Voicemails of Hunter S. Thompson (DangerousMinds)

Frying Pan to Fire: Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes, may now face death penalty (TheIndependent)



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