Old Article Written By Raif Badawi

Imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is partway through a sentence of 1000 lashes, to be administered 50 at a time, weekly on Fridays. The sentence is broken up in this way so that he doesn’t die until all the punishment has been administered, and one flogging has already been delayed because he was still so weak from the previous week’s flogging that it was estimated he wouldn’t survive another 50. Right away, that is.
These are his thoughts on 911 as a Saudi and a Muslim.

Raif Badawi's Blog

Coinciding with the painful terrorist September eleventh events, which killed more than three thousand innocent people, the Muslims in that stricken city are demanding to build an Islamic center containing a mosque and community center in the same area where World Trade Center collapsed over the heads of those who died that painful day.

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