Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 20

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Geek Palette by C.P.Storm on Flickr

We made it! We crawled, dragged, rolled, staggered, or jogged to the end of the work week. Cast off the suit jackets and uncomfortable shoes, and don the floppy slippers and Thuggies that say a) this is the weekend and b) no fucks. Here, then, is all the news about which you should give a fuck for those few, short hours before that blissful 5pm factory whistle.

‘Unhackable’: Russian firm develops totally surveillance-proof smartphone (RT)

Hacker being extorted to spy on cartel for the FBI under the threat of indictment of 44 Felonies (TechWorm)

The Robot Uprising is closer than you think, says Oxford University (GlobalChallenges)

Stop Robot Abuse! (StopRobotAbuse)

OpISIS is back with more hacks (AnonHQ)

The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole the Keys to the Encryption Castle (TheIntercept)

Why a Reporter’s ‘Epic Rant’ on Twitter Gets No Argument Here (NYT)

The CIA asked me about controlling the climate – this is why we should worry (Guardian)

Sarah Harrison: the interview (Vogue)

Spies Can Track You Just by Watching Your Phone’s Power Use (Wired)

Average DDoS attack size at 7.39 Gbps in Q4 2014, according to report (SCMag)

2600’s radio broadcast in jeopardy (2600)

Hackers force closure of Canadian Bitcoin exchange Cavirtex (Sophos)

Social Media Now Integral To Protest (PopularResistance)

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