Alleged B.C. terrorist says attack necessary

“BC” and “Terrorist” are words you don’t see together very often. Here’s one in his own words.

Global News

VANCOUVER – As John Nuttall outlines his plan to bomb the British Columbia legislature on Canada Day, he becomes practically giddy when comparing the annual holiday fireworks in Victoria to the explosions he intends to send ripping through a crowd.

Speaking to an undercover officer in a video played at his trial Thursday, Nuttall is considering the best way to place homemade pressure-cooker bombs on the legislature lawn in the dead of night without drawing suspicion. Perhaps, he says, he and his wife could wear hard hats and reflective vests to pose as city workers.

“Then again, what kind of workmen are working at three o’clock in the morning?” he asks in a video recorded on June 27, 2013, before answering his own question.

“We’re preparing for the celebration,” he says, breaking into an almost uncontrollable laugh. “We are making our own fireworks.”

Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who each face…

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