Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 18

Hackers via YourAnonGlobal on Twitter

Hackers via YourAnonGlobal on Twitter

Welcome to Wednesday, kittens! The Jan Brady of weekdays, Wednesday brings the short bus sites catching up on the stories that broke over the weekend, plus more, worse details of pre-existing stories. We’ll try to dig around and find a little levity, but we may need a backhoe, as the cybernews landscape is covered with a thick sludge of What Edward Snowden Told You Last Year, Now Confirmed By Kaspersky and ZOMG BANKS HAXXORED! which is more or less business as usual, even if the rest of the world is just catching on.

You read it here first, so you get the smug points.

Interactive Map: The Islamic State’s Global Network of Pledged and Supporting Groups (Insite)

Founded by spies and mathematicians, Darktrace isn’t your typical cybersecurity firm (WaPo)

Beware of hot foreign spies who want to steal your data (ITWorld)

Canada losing cybersecurity war, eh (SCMagazine)

New York Councilman: Bitcoin Could Save City Millions (CoinDesk)

The Bloody History of Feminism (DangerousMinds)

Tumblr Terminates Terpsichorian Teens (TorrentFreak)

‘Whitey’ Bulger’s girlfriend refuses to testify (BostonGlobe)

The world’s most sophisticated hackers made a surprisingly stupid mistake (Fusion)

Fake Hedge Fund Manager’s Fake Assistant’s Fake Obituary Doesn’t Fool D.A., SEC (Dealbreaker)

Chinese Cybercriminal Gang Hits South Korean Mobile Users (Softpedia)

Suite of Sophisticated Nation-State Attack Tools Found With Connection to Stuxnet (Wired)

The Deadly Link Between Shootings and Hacks (CopenhagenPost)

ISIS hacks military wives: experiences marital blowback bigtime (MilitaryTimes)

Lizard Squad is back: group ‘attacks Xbox Live and Daybreak Games’ (Guardian)

Sony Hack: Poster Child For A New Era Of Cyber Attacks (DarkReading)

Are Miami Cops Hacking the Waze App? (NakedSecurity)

The Rise in State Tax Refund Fraud (Krebs)

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