Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 11

Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

What day is it, kittens? That’s right; it’s Not Enough Coffee Day! It’s also National Umbrella Day in Canada, which is as good an excuse as any to run out and buy that yellow brolly you’ve been secretly coveting for months. Better late than never, eh?

Speaking of late, let’s get to those news links ASAP!

MPAA forces entire town offline for single illegal download (Geek)

Facebook builds security information exchange, rupturing the delicate space/irony continuum (Facebook)

Oops, our bad: CIA Claims Responsibility for over Half of the UFO Sightings in Released Document (AnonHQ)

Tautology Now: Judge Rules You Can’t Sue the NSA for Secretly Spying on You Unless You Prove You’re Being Secretly Spied On (MotherJones)

Outrage at media silence on murder of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill (Storify)

MyCoin losses revised downward by $370 million, whew! (CoinDesk)

China secretly lefty? Hacked in Watering Hole Attack (Reuters)

Anti-Media Journalist Facing up to 6 Months in Jail for Filming Police (AntiMedia)

How to Troll Islamic State Like a Pro (BloombergView)

Dutch government says hack took down its websites (AP)

From the Department of No Shit: Report: Chinese groups behind most state-sponsored attacks in 2014 (CSO)

This Cryptography Game Is Also A Navy Recruiting Tool (PopularMechanics)

Did the NSA and the UK’s Spy Agency Launch a Joint Cyberattack on Iran? (Wired)

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