Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Sad Toy Links

The Toys Are Over It by chelle_1278 on Flickr

The Toys Are Over It by chelle_1278 on Flickr

Those poor stuffed toys appear to be having the same kind of week I’m having, but they don’t have a Macbook to serve as the fall guy. Maybe they can gang up on a Tamagotchi or something. I don’t know where they’re going to find a Tamagotchi, though, because…

RIP RadioShack (BusinessInsider)

Aussie PM’s video claiming “Our policies are working” taken off YouTube for “Deceptive Content” (

Quaid on Quaid: Hollywood’s most famous conspiracy theorists are back! (DListed)

The Internet of Beemers is Vulnerable (Heise)

The NSA Playset (NSA Playset)

1,450 Cleveland Cops to Get Body Cams After Tamir Rice Shooting (Gawker)

Meet #OpCISPA (AnonymousOperation#CISPA)

The Jason Hammond Trading Card (JasonHammondSupportNetwork)

All About the Silk Road Trial and Conviction (Forbes)

When Police Go Rogue on Facebook (TheMarshallProject)

Bitcoin Could Be the Privacy Solution Europe Seeks (CoinTelegraph)

The Pirate Bay is Back, but No-One Knows Where (TorrentFreak)

The Lone Wolf Terror Trap (TomDispatch)

Pulling a Hammond: Some Hackers Are Unwittingly Freelancing for the NSA (ITWorld)

The Sony Hack was Totes North Korea Russia (Taia) (PDF)

Hackers or Skiddies? New Report Says Copy/Paste is the Core Competency in Modern Hackerdom (SC)

DOJ A-OK with NSA Stalkers (TechDirt)

Japanese Hacker Busted for Framing The Innocent Via Their Computers (SecurityWeek)

The Cyber-Attack Against Anthem, Huge US Heath Insurer (Anthem)

Operation Pawn Storm Targets Journalists, Politicos (Intego)

Canadians Just Loony for Money Laundering (DealBreaker)

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