Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Piratical News

Absolut Pirate by Viktor Hertz on Flickr

Absolut Pirate by Viktor Hertz on Flickr

Ahoy, kittens! Weigh anchor and sail with us over a sea of C (and BASIC and many other languages) as we set sail for The Silk Road, the land of halfling hackers, and other esoteric delights. Do not adjust your eye patch. Do not touch that dial. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Unless it’s a bug bounty!

Federales laid siege to TOR for six long months before breaking it, The Silk Road their prize (TheVerge)

Lizard Squad crewman livestreams his bombardment of US ivory towers (ABC)

Behold Betsy Davies, the Halfling Hacker (InformationAge)

Google Drive and Maps Engine Spring a Leak: Name Info for Email Accounts (Softpedia)

The Ever-Changing C….IA: The Panetta Review Reveals Torture Results Worthless (NYT)

American Sniper Shot Down (Guardian)

False Friends and Masked Men: DEA Settles Case Over Fake Facebook Profiles (AP)

Canadian Troops Under Fire in Iraq, Apologize (AFP)

The Worst 25 Passwords You Can Use Online (Vox)

Yemeni Presidential Palace Under Bombardment from Fiendish Foes (Reuters)

Combating Fraud 101: Don’t Get Hornswoggled (PYMNT)

Shiver Me Timbers! Mexican Mayor Kidnaps, Murders 43 Students (AnonHQ)

Terrible Twosome Blag $4 Million Shanghai Bonus, Selling Kiddos to the Army (USAToday)

Lady Day vs the Federales (Politico)

Bitcoin: Pieces of What-Ate-The-Status-Quo (Falkvinge)

Top 5 Reasons Outlawry Is For You! (CoinTelegraph)

Ahoy There! The Pirate Bay Returns? (TorrentFreak)

Four Years in the Brig for Silk Road Moneychanger (CoinDesk)

Java Patches 19 Leaks (Krebs)

GoDaddy: Patching Holes in Her Domain (SC)

All Salute the False Flag! #SOTU SOTU SOTU! (HS)

Attack of the Zombie Cookie! (TechDirt)

CyberBerkut Pirate Crew Takes Aim at German Government Targets (TL)

In Vivino, Veritas: wine-lovers’ app leaked personal information (HotForSecurity)

LOCK UP YOUR GOLD! The Federales Team Up, Take Aim, Launch Cyberattack on Banks (NBC)

Stave Off the Invading Bots! Keel Haul the Bastids (MIT)


What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet?





You might think it be “Arrrrrr,” but their first love is the “C.”

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