Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Totally Tubular News

Old Tech by  Alejandro Polanco on Flickr

Old Tech by Alejandro Polanco on Flickr

Happy hump day, kittens. It’s a long haul from here to the next holiday, particularly if you are a geek of pristine antecedents and spotless reputation if not wardrobe (ie Forever Alone) and Valentine’s Day just means chocolate at half off. Don’t worry, there’s always Saint Patrick’s Day when it’s not just okay but positively festive to get black out drunk.

No, you cannot pass off last week as “practicing.”

Get it together, get some coffee in your cup and stimulants in your brain and prepare to download the very latest thing in crypto and cyber and cybercrypto news links!

Bingo! (TheCryptosphere) (Yes, we just linked to ourselves. We are also using the Royal We)

Recapping Week One Of The Silk Road Trial (TechCrunch)

Rapere: the anti-drone interceptor (PopularScience)

Doxing victim Zoe Quinn launches online “anti-harassment task force” (ArsTechnica)

The Syrian Electronic Army is Back, Take Over LeMonde’s Accounts (Techworm)

Government Declassification Watchdog Starts Growling (Unredacted)

Hackers Make NSA Dreams Come True, Create Weaponized USB Cable (ArsTechnica)

Wheelchair-bound inmate beaten, dentures shattered by deputy who was ‘caught up in the moment’ (RawStory)

Notable Rejections (TheRejectedQuarterly)

Owning Modems And Routers Silently (GironSec)

The FBI’s Dubious Record on Prosecuting Terror Plots (CounterPunch)

Why industry is trying to tell you how to think (CenterForPublicIntegrity)

This Commando Blade Was for Stabbing Nazis in the Back (WarIsBoring)

Stint Behind Bars All Worth It For Scam-Artist-Turned-21st-Century-Ayn-Rand (Dealbreaker)

Women in Washington: the new Purdah (WaPo)

What the Islamic State’s Japanese Hostages Say about the Group (Insite)

SO. Which IS more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal? (TheRegister)

Gamers hit with trojanized versions of official League of Legends releases (HelpNet)

Scum-Sucking Drones to Save the World? (MIT)

Disposable employees may be tech industry’s greatest achievement (VentureBeat)

Swazi King Delays School Year, Orders Students To Weed His Fields (Wealth-X)

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