Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 23

Elf In Custody

Elf In Custody

Happy Tuesday, kittens! Still going in to work? Well, nobody’s going to expect too much of you today, so here are some conversation starters. If the internet attacks we’ve seen on US targets overnight continue, I’m afraid you’re going to be forced to speak to those with whom you share nothing but geolocation. On the other hand, it’s mostly Comcast that’s getting hammered, and with Comcast, who can tell if it’s a cyberattack or just service as usual? Also: don’t even start with the “down for maintenance” excuse. As if Comcast does maintenance!

Operation SpySperm Complete! (Gawker)

#SyrupSec Protects Canuckistan’s “Liquid Gold” (Guardian)

“We’ll just break into the system and look around. Nobody will ever know we…” KABOOOM! (Techworm)

The Site That Pays You to Read Paywalled Articles (Motherboard)

Meet the CIA’s Bodyguards, the Global Response Staff (WaPo)

The Zapatistas of Chiapas Host Global Resistance Festival (Roar)

The Right Reverend Weed McPonziscam and His Victims (FBI)

Can You Crack This Cipher? (NSA)

This NSA Agent Is a Real Comedian. No, a REAL Comedian (Washingtonian)

The Mumbai Attacks Could Have Been Prevented, If We Could Make Sense Of All the Data We’d Gathered (NYT)

Powering the World With Nuclear Waste (Brookings)

Billionaire’s Media Advisor Arrested in “Bizarre” Kidnap Plot (Wealth-X)

Thanks, DHS: Aurora Attack May Be Biggest Cyberthreat to US Ever (DefenseOne)

Staples Fail to Deter Cyberthieves: 1.16 Million Credit Cards Stolen (WSJ)

T-Mobile Settles Cramming Charges (NationalJournal)

Irony Alert: US Asks China for Help Against North Korean Hackers (AP)

Silk Road Collaborator and Bitcoin Foundation Member Charlie Shrem Sentenced to Two Years for Money Laundering (Pymnts)

Inside the ‘Surprisingly Great’ North Korean Hacker Hotel (DailyBeast)

Police stop pursuing nearly 79,000 fugitives (USAToday)

Marines test Navy’s cyber range (C4)

Banks Still Pretty Pissed Off Their Shady Mortgage Dealings Came So Expensively To Light (DealBreaker)

Mexico: Los Zetas Drug Cartel Linked San Fernando Police to Migrant Massacres (NationalSecurityArchive)

Facebook slammed for blocking protest event page at Russia’s request (TheRegister)

Cyborg Superpower: Man Can Hear the Internet (SingularityHub)

Why Revolutions Fail (WarIsBoring)

Sony Hackers Used a Half-Dozen Recycled Cyber-Weapons (Bloomberg)

Gang Hacked ATMs from Inside Banks (Krebs)

Facebook For Felons (Buzzfeed)

The Sony Hack: Attribution Problems, and the Connection to Domestic Surveillance (Lawfare)



Featured Image by U of Iowa Police on Twitter

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