Tom’s take: the collapse of the Wildrose Party

Rebel conservatism is on the decline in Canada just when it’s ascendant in the US. What went wrong with the Wildrose party?

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Eric Szeto explains which Wildrose members plan to cross the floor to the PCs, and Trish Kozicka shares what people have to say about it.

People follow political leaders for one of two reasons: either they are genuinely inspired by them, or the leader holds the promise of power. In the case of Danielle Smith of the soon to be defunct Wildrose Party, she doesn’t have either. That’s not to say that at one point she didn’t. In fact, it was precisely because she had both qualities at one time that she shook the foundations of Alberta politics.

READ MORE: Cabinet minister has ‘open mind’ to Wildrose floor crossings

Smith was the fresh expression of political anger directed at a government that had grown careless and lazy. The Progressive Conservatives of Alberta had been in power for almost forty years and had grown into a big tent…

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