First Nations to ‘resist’ complying with financial transparency act

Well now, this should be interesting. Civil disobedience takes many forms. But then, so does money laundering and many other things besides. It’s important to be transparent, even when not complying with the financial transparency law, to avoid seeming the latter when you are doing the former.

Here’s your pull quote: “This tactic is designed to force local compliance to an unjust law by denying families access to essential programs and services,” the Treaty First Nations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba said in a written statement on Tuesday.

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Magnifier over Figures84 First Nations have yet to comply with the transparency act on eve of final deadline

By Susana Mas, CBC News, Nov 25, 2014

Three Western Treaty First Nations say they will “resist” the federal government’s order to comply with the financial transparency act by tomorrow or risk losing federal funding.

The government tells CBC News that 84 First Nations bands have until Wednesday to post their audited financial statements for the last fiscal year, including the salaries and expenses of their chiefs and councillors. The grand majority — 498 out of 582 First Nations bands — have complied.

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  1. Lets open the government books,And start urine testing the honorable men and women of the corporation know as CANADA.See how far the goes .Hypocrites are in control.Do as i say,Not as I do.


  2. Let them lose their funding. Then they can spend the next decade scrambling through hoops to get it back


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