Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 29

WHAT Illuminati?

WHAT Illuminati?

Happy hump day, kittens! Grab yourself some warming caffeine and settle in for your morning homework. Hey, what are commutes for, amirite?

That’s right: they are a carefully socially engineered phenomenon designed specifically to give North America and Europe enough time to read my morning link roundup. NOW you have some idea how hard I work on these things. And you’re welcome for the phenomenon of Suburbia.

To the links!

Eco-protestor Remi Fraisse killed by police grenade (DailyMail)

More on the Testet protest where he was killed (RevoNews)

Anonymous launches #OpTestet (OperationGreenRights)

How to tell Data Leaks from Publicity Stunts (Krebs)

FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect (SeattleTimes)

Blackwater oligarch Eric Prince blames Blackwater murders on lefties (FortressAmerica)

Tor Anonymizer Network falls prey to man-in-the-middle attack, delivers malware packaged through exit nodes (Techworm)

UK fesses up that it helps itself to your data without a warrant (Guardian)

IRS Also More Than Willing To Steal Money Under The Pretense Of Crime Fighting (Techdirt)

Kim Dotcom wants his millions back (TorrentFreak)

145th Airlift Wing Cyber Mission; Be Aware — Connect With Care (HSToday)

Max Headroom interviews Sting and David Byrne (DangerousMinds)

Send off the (terror) Clowns (UPI)

In response to mentally ill Canadian’s attack on Parliament, Homeland Security beefs up security, confirms it believes Canada just an obscure part of Maine (CNN)

The Post Office is snooping on your mail (NYT)

NSA chief tells hacked companies not to hack back, does not follow own advice (NationalJournal)

Key advisor to INSCOM pretended to have a PhD (AP)

ISIS propaganda gets a makeover (DefenseOne)

Could Occupy Central damage Hong Kong’s image as a nexus of luxury shopping? (WealthX)

Russian-based cyber spies going after military, intelligence targets including White House (HelpNet)

The Quest to Put More Reality in Virtual Reality (MIT)


Tom Stoppard’s brain science play opens (CultureWhisper)

Why should the Federal Reserve worry about The Poors? (NextNewDeal)

A month ago, ISIS’s advance looked unstoppable. Now it’s been stopped. (Vox)


Featured Image ABM Site, Grand Forks, by James Vaughan on Flickr

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