Video Monday: 60 Minutes Australia’s Kurdish Female Fighters against ISIS – FEMALE STATE

Kurdish female soldiers

Kurdish female soldiers

A fascinating subject for documentary indeed: the Kurdish female fighters who have lately captured the interest of the world as well as quite a few ISIS jihadis. This video is a half-hour long, so settle in and prepare to be awed.

As always, if you want to lose hope for humanity, go ahead and read the comments on YouTube.

Featured Image via Robert Constantin on Twitter

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  1. Very interesting video on the Syrian female fighters,it seems slightly ludicrous that the U.S. conducts airstrikes against the YPG.
    Are they just bombing anyone they can offload their ordnance ?Seems that way…


    • There are a lot of criticisms of the US involvement. They’re bombing moderate Syrians, too. The Free Syrian Army. Whether intentional or not, the American involvement has propped up Assad’s regime and is responsible for the fact that this brutal dictator is still on top instead of in custody.


  2. Completely agree,idk if the FSA are exactly moderate,but how can an armed unit be ‘moderate’ lol…
    I find the US’s need to constantly prop up,bankroll,arm,train and assist foreign militia unsurprising sadly.They see it as the easiest way to get on the ‘right side’ of a country in crisis,but sadly the side they generally choose is the best of 2 evils at best,or the wrong side entirely,at worst.
    They have a horribly long history of getting involved in other countries coups or political battles.
    If they did it from the desire to help an embittered people ,it wd be reasonably understandable,but they only show interest in countries from which they stand to gain,either in the short term or as part of a long game.


  3. The photo at the top is not Kurdish YPJ or Peshmerga but fighters of the Israeli Caracal Unit: Nice try but the weapons give them away the “IMI TAR21”.


  4. The girls in the photo on top are not Kurdish but IDF female soldiers. Apart the outfits, the girl is handling a Tavor AR, the new Israeli units rifle. We’ve seen plenty of American M4s appearing in Kurdish militias (and in Jihadists’ hands as well) but no Tavors to the moment.


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