October 10, 2014 – 2 years ago …I

A heartfelt post from the mother of Amanda Todd, on the second anniversary of her death.

Carol Todd's Snowflakes

Dear Amanda

Two years ago tonight we lost a beautiful angel in this world. That was you.  As you had the thoughts in your head that your pain was too much to bear, I so wish you had reached out and that someone could  have talked to you and given you HOPE!  I know you called me that afternoon shortly before.  You talked to me as if everything was normal and I had no idea what I was to come home to.  Your life and your death has taught many of us in the world how important life really is and also essential it is to MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLD.

I will finish writing this letter to you later tonight.  There is an event about how some are making a different to youth with their work.  We are taking a limo downtown to a event and then to see…

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