Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber #News for October 3

Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

TGIF, kittens! Raise a yellow umbrella and a cup of a cheering beverage to the end of the work week and the start of…a weekend of recovery from the work week? Sure, let’s go with that. The tear gas continues to fly in Hong Kong and Ferguson, Missouri. And our news roundup is heavy on the second thoughts: returns, refunds, and payback. It’s time for redress in the Cryptosphere; did you know that YOU YES YOU can shorted your time in purgatory simply by sharing our content on social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, and Ello? As the FSM is my witness, it’s true. But don’t just take my word for it: share madly, and then see your time in purgatory comped when judgement day comes upon us all.

And some days I think the sooner the better. You know?

The NSA and Me by A Whistleblower (TheIntercept)

Jimmy Kimmel: the world’s most dangerous cyber-celebrity (HelpNetSecurity)

Office epidemiology: Office Networks Reveal Which Co-Workers To Avoid During Infectious Outbreaks (MIT)

Silk Road Lawyers Poke Holes in FBI’s Story (Krebs)

Xenu don’t give refunds! (TheOregonian)

Neither does the Pentagon, so you’re just going to have to keep those tanks (MotherJones)

The Trials of White Boy Rick: informant unmasked, or just plain crook? (Slate)

The power of social media for terror propaganda (

Tor: the web browser for criminals (TorCriminalBrowser)

76 million households (ie 304 million people) victimized in JP Morgan Chase hack (Mashable)

Faildox: Republicans encourage voters to harrass 91-year-old in hospice care (Gawker)

Andree and the Aeronauts’ voyage to the top of the world (DamnInteresting)

What does it really mean when politicians and pundits cry “Nazi?” (VF)

Hashtagging the Hajj (FP)

Kiwi PM to Snowden: sure we spy, but only for your OWN GOOD (HSToday)

Hong Kong is the most cyberpunk place in the world (WarIsBoring)

Maybe traders shouldn’t be allowed to trade (Dealbreaker)

Atlas snubbed! Ad blocker says it can kill Facebook’s stalker tech (TheRegister)

High Frequency Trader faces spoofing charges (FT)


Featured Image of district councillor Paul Zimmerman raising a yellow umbrella at a flag raising ceremony in Hong Kong, by Bobby Yip via Reuters

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