The End?

Harsh words indeed, but he has a point. They are the architects of their own destruction. As William S. Burroughs says, “Today’s leaders are inept, frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they cannot understand, calling in experts to tell them which buttons to push.” The FBI reports that cyber-attacks from disgruntled ex-employees are increasing, so perhaps those experts are now more important than the elected meat puppets occupying the so-called positions of power.
Ever met a Deputy Minister? If you had, you would know where the real power resides; in the staff.


As some may have noted, Australia, a member of the NSA “Five Eyes” global surveillance network, just passed a law making it illegal to write news articles about national security. What never seems to get discussed is what the internal justifications really are for this kind of draconian measure.

The US has taken different measures. They jail, attempt to jail, and/or murder journalists if what they have to say is too threatening and then inundate the media stream with disinformation to deal with the less troublesome stories. They attack journalists personally and professionally.

Again, all of that has been…allowed for…by Alberto Gonzalez’s interpretation of Executive power as being unlimited in war time. Since the Executive can wage war at any time, anywhere, without Congressional approval, the Executive Branch can do anything it wants. The terrorists won; they destroyed the Republic by aligning with the goals of the Neocons and Neolibs.

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