Snowden Leaks DID NOT Impact Terrorist Communication/Encryption Tactics – Flashpoint Report

Confirming what we’ve previously heard: Edward Snowden’s revelations have not acted as a warning to jihadis, ISIS or Al Qaeda. In fact, they’ve hardly even poked the American People into using the encryption tools that are free and available to them.




A series of recent private, open source/reports have suggested that leaks of sensitive information from the National Security Agency (NSA) by former analyst Edward Snowden, which began in June 2013, have noticeably accelerated the development of secure communications tools by jihadi/terrorist groups, their recruits, and their affiliates. Specifically, these reports have focused on the significance of several online communications encryption tools that were officially released by jihadi-affiliated groups in the months following Snowden’s initial disclosures.

Using proprietary software tools developed by Flashpoint Global Partners to mine the dark web, our analysts have investigated the question of whether open source information posted on top jihadi social networking platforms would tend to indicate that the Snowden revelations have indeed had a measurable impact on the logistical subterfuge techniques of terrorist organizations – principally, Al-Qaida. Upon completing their research, our analysts have concluded that, in fact, there is…

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