Interwebbed: TGIF Cyber and Crypto #News for August 12

Steampunk Spacestation

Steampunk Spacestation

Another week gone, and a glorious, sybaritic weekend laid out in front of us like a wanton professionally-companionable person. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to head into such a liason without a full complement of news bytes from around the Cryptosphere, right? Nothing says “pillow talk” like breathy whispers of ISIS, Torrentlocker, Yahoo, encrypted telephony, and forensic accounting.

No? Just me, then? Ho-kay.

To the news!

NSA gives Yahoo an offer it can’t refuse (WaPo)

Who is behind this notorious Chinese IP Address? (Norse)

The latest victims in #OpGazaReloaded (Pastebin)

Bitcoin Job Fair! Don’t interview with anyone in cop shoes! (PRWire)

Computers made from raindrops (Inhabitat)

The NSA has a scrapbook of…everyone (NYT)

If the FBI’s not lying, it’s just equated itself with the world’s most notorious troll (ArsTechnica)

War 3.0: where you try to win by not even showing up (Hurriyet)

Look inside the ISIS bank (Politico)

Yes, you CAN predict the future. If you read this. (FT)

RIP America’s first drone carrier (WarIsBoring)

White Death: the Finnish response to Nazi invasion (DamnInteresting)

Televangelist speaks to John Gotti, not to God (Blackbag)

How to secure an iPhone (Spanish) (CNI)


Featured Image Steampunk Spacestation by Angelo DeSantis on Flickr

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