Pic o’ The Day: Golftank

Golf Tank

Golf Tank

Welcome to Wales, y’all. They take security on their golf courses very seriously, as you can see.

While conclusion-jumpers may have assumed this is some kind of Ferguson-style overkill in response to the Independence Movement, it is instead simply basic preparations for the NATO Summit taking place today.

From WalesOnline:

This is a tank parked on the golf course at the The Celtic Manor Resort, where the #NatoSummitUK starts tomorrow. We’ve been inside the ‘Ring of Steel’ today to have a look around…

http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/nato-summit-2014-behind-scenes-7712041 — with Jeffrey Harding.

OT: Compare and contrast to the 20th Century. I remember when I worked at the Vancouver Summit in 1993, which hosted Boris Yeltsin (yes, he was drunk pretty much the whole time), Canadian PM Brian Mulroney, and Bill Clinton. We didn’t even have to show ID to get on site, we just said “We’re from Starbucks and we have coffee” and WHOOSH, we were whisked through three checkpoints. Security consisted of a bunch of heavily-armed yet dapper guys in suits and not one riot-suited cop.

And dude, people hated Mulroney.

(Is it too late to hope for some Remi Gaillard-style protestors?)

Image via WalesOnline on Facebook


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