Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber Headlines for August 4

Under the Tracks

Under the Tracks

Apologies for Wednesday’s missing link roundup; it has been run to Earth and put in the stockade until it learns the benefits of promptness. The elision was occasioned by a spectacularly amateurish hacking attempt on our site and associated Gmail, and we are consoled by the fact that said perp is now crying to his mommy about his now-defunct Amazon, Chitika, and Adsense accounts. And those three websites of his we had taken down.

Poor thing.

Anyhoodle, kittens, on to the news.

Can Humanism Survive the Coming Transhumanist Revolution? (TheHumanist, which may be a little biased on the question)

Rogue “Interceptor” Cell Phone Towers Discovered Near U.S. Army Bases​ (BlackBag)

Why a Breakup of Citigroup Is Still a Good Idea (Dealbook)

Liquidity Rules Coming to Wall Street (WSJ)

Scandal Du Jour: Credit Suisse Said to Be Investigating Two Equities Traders (Bloomberg)

New photos of Michael Brown’s killer (Gawker)

Collateral Damage in the Nomenclature Wars: ISIS sez, “We’re Not ISIS!” pleads for understanding (ISIS this is a PDF but a short one)

BP tries to remove Oil Spill chief (FT)

Obedience: is this the beginning of the end for 4chan? (ArsTechnica)

Some hacker has bad will towards Goodwill (Tom’sGuide)

Facebook user phishing campaign aims to trap “really dumb” people (TechWorm)

Bitcoin Boss pleads guilty (Valleywag)

The Police Tool That Pervs Use to Steal Nude Pics From Apple’s iCloud (Wired)

Tennis Legend John McEnroe Waterboarded In Controversial Video Exposing the Police State (TheFreeThoughtProject)

Hackers reverse-engineer NSA’s leaked bugging devices (NewScientist)

A Few Quick (Legal) Lessons From The iCloud Nude (Very Attractive) Celebrity Hack (SecurityCloud)

Cybervor Gang behind ‘1.2 billion’ megahack ransack is pwning our customers – hosting firm (TheRegister)

Nasty, brutish and artsy? Neanderthal hashtag engraving found (Reuters)

Roleplay: The Research Clinic (OfficeOfResearchIntegrity)

The Million Mask March starts ramping up. Remember, Remember… (MMM)

Why your contractor is depressed today: Victim to a mysterious cyber attack, Home Depot struggles to find out what went wrong (VentureBeat)

U.S. Hikes Fee To Renounce Citizenship By 422% (Forbes)


Featured Image Under The Tracks by JH on Flickr

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