#Anonymous calls #OpGCHQ tonight in UK




Attention, UK Spooks, Feds, and other governmental-type security professionals! Anonymous would like to let you know: it’s ON!

The UK is one of the most survielled countries in the world in significant part because of GCHQ, an organization so secretive that although it’s got a big, splashy website, you have to drill down a few pages to actually find out what the initials stand for.

GCHQ is the Government Communications Headquarters, one of the three UK Intelligence and Security Agencies, along with MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). GCHQ protects the UK and its citizens from individuals, groups and countries who wish to do us harm, or damage us financially.

Which reminds me of the old Lone Ranger joke that ends with Tonto turning to him and asking, “What you mean ‘us’ white man?”

Anonymous would like to pull back the curtain on that secrecy today and tomorrow, watching the watchers and most likely livestreaming them as well in person at the ominous-looking Cheltenham HQ of GCHQ. That’s got some GCQH people worried, as it is difficult to remain secret once your mug has been plastered all over YouTube when they catch you going in to work in the morning.

This latest action by #OpGCHQ aims to watch the Cheltenham HQ of GCHQ for a full day, starting tonight, and catch everyone going in or out. Guys, if your boss gives you Friday off, you know who to thank, right?

Of course there’s a YouTube announcement; there always is.This one dates from August 1, and announces today’s action.


Greetings GCHQ, we are Anonymous,

Over the past several months,it has been brought to our attention that you have been abusing the “peoples” rights and “privacy”, using secret coded operations,such as, five eyes and more recently, operation optic nerve,where it has come to light that you have not only been invading your own innocent citizens “privacy”,you have completley ignored any kind of “rights” of your citizens,including taking still pictures from over 1.8 million people,via web cam. not criminals … not terrorists … not any kind of threat .. but from your very own people, of which the majority being completely unaware, and also completely innocent …….. it is very clear to us,that you do not take the word,nor meaning of the word privacy or the word,nor meaning of rights seriously …. the people of the united kingdom,should and, have the right to privacy,and that privacy should be respected …. the people of the united kingdom should be able to use their rights also,which you clearly have ignored over many years and have infringed.
we will not allow this to continue and are,very concerned with your total lack of respect for the people of this country,disregarding any rights and also disregarding,disrespecting and abusing individuals own privacy ….. this is not only wrong,but an infringement of the peoples rights without any kind of care or respect … what you are doing is orwellian … what you are doing is wrong….. what you are doing is immoral … your peoples right of privacy should be both respected and a priority … it is clear that you take no such things into account.
due to such lack of respect to the peoples rights and privacy,we are left with no option than to come to you,to show our outrage and disgust …
in August 2014,Anonymous asks that people gather outside GCHQ,Hubble Road,Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL51 0EX.
the exact date is yet to be confirmed, however is will be in the month of AUGUST 2014 …. You can find more details on facebook by searching for,Mass GCHQ Protest 2014 … Remember,tell your friends and family. download and share this video,make banners,flyers join others and let GCHQ know that you,are not happy,and that you demand your rights and privacy are protected … not abused …. this effects almost all of us .. let us all stand “together” and united and stand up for our rights and privacy.


Some links to look at of GCHQ spying ………………………….








In fact, videos relating to OpGCHQ go back many months, as the operation was initially payback for the news released earlier this year that GCHQ had indulged in the very Anonymous-like habit of attacking websites using DDoS. Attacking Anonymous websites.

Yes, British taxpayers footed the bill for a botnet DDoS attack against Anonymous, the kind of low-skilled yet still illegal attack that real hackers decry as the work of “script kiddies,” inferiors who cannot create attacks but instead just run software someone else wrote. Predictably, Anonymous did not take the news well, and thus #OpGCHQ was born.

The original Facebook page for the event has been taken offline, but a new one is up and has over 700 people registered as attending. Attempts to share the event on Facebook have met with some atypical hurdles as well.

Interestingly, in one of the videos relating to today’s action, much of the video footage comes from a recent BBC report on the op which focused not on the “omg masked terrists” angle but rather on the “well, does GCHQ spy on us too much?” one.

According to a tipster quoted in an unsigned article in the Gloucestershire Echo, local police are deliberately understaffing at the protest, presumably exposing more of the government employees to direct contact with protestors.  The tipster claimed, “Gloucestershire Police have decided they will allow the protesters to take photographs of GCHQ and it’s staff even though this is against the law. To prevent the photography would require far more police officers than Gloucestershire Police wish to use.”

A police spokesperson retorted, “We are planning a proportionate response intended to enable a peaceful protest to take place whilst allowing staff to go about their business safely and peacefully. With regard to taking pictures, we are taking legal advice as to the legality of photographing the building or GCHQ staff as they come and go during this particular weekend. We are not in a position to provide further information on this particular issue at present.”

In other words, GCHQ staffers believe it is illegal to photograph them; the police appear to be on the fence about the issue.

Time, and Flickr/YouTube, will tell.


h/t and Featured Image via Autonymousness

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