Interwebbed: Top Cyber and Crypto TGIF Headlines!

I can't go on. I'll go on.

I can’t go on. I’ll go on.

Great news: It’s FRIDAY! You don’t have to go on. You can just sip your coffee and peruse some of the most interesting news headlines in all of the cybersphere and cryptoworld. Then unplug for two straight days and pretend to be shocked by how things have deteriorated over the weekend.

GCHQ uses gaming to seek out future spooks. Remember when they just had tea parties at Cambridge? (V3)

WaitingForBitcoin is like a monetized version of WaitingForGodot (WaitingForBitcoin)

Weaponizing guerrilla art vs Russian invaders in the Ukraine (FP)

Scariest headline of the week: The Navy’s Nuclear Cheating Scandal Is Worse Than You Think (WarIsBoring)

Wall Street is crawling with loathesome insects (Dealbreaker)

What can we learn from the top 10 biggest data breaches? (HelpNetSecurity)

UPS says 51 stores infected with credit card stealing malware (ArsTechnica)

Future Mind-Altering Drugs Could Make Prisoners Think They’re In Jail For 1,000 Years (Business Insider)

Using peer-to-peer technology to crowdsource a way around online censorship (WaPo)

The 8,600,000 Pennies for the PayPal14 (GoFundMe)


Featured Image via Beckittns on Tumblr

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