Interwebbed: Top News Headlines in Cyber and Crypto for Today

knots that connect us by Lightplay on Flickr

knots that connect us by Lightplay on Flickr

With no hacker conference this weekend, the news roundup will be sparser than it has been lately; not so many companies rushing to patch holes featured at presentations, you see. Not so many presenters announcing news bombs like “1.4 billion hacked accounts” etc, etc. So sit down, take a sip of the soothing beverage of your choice, and peruse our news offerings for Monday.

Every step you take, Google watches you (Junkee)

Militarization News: every freebie the US military has given cops over the last two years (Muckrock)

Cyberwar: Iran takes on Israel in huge cyber attack (JerusalemPost)

Vast Majority of Hackers also Super Assholes (CNET)

Yet Another Reason to always always pay cash (ArsTechnica)

Phuturecon takes place in Boulder, Colorado this fall (Phuturecon)

Death Futures: so 1995. The new hotness is Ebola scams (WSJ)

Germany > U!S!A! at least for these workers (CNBC)

SEC goes into the lapdog-schooling business (Dealbreaker)

An update from w0rmer (FreeAnons)

Even the Army’s Crowd Control Rulebook Says Ferguson Police Tactics Are Dumb (WarIsBoring)

This iPhone case gives you x-ray vision! (BusinessInsider)

Fake Bitcoin leak leads to real Bitcoin phishing attack (Techworm)

Hillary hacked! (Sueddeutsche)

The British government attempts to hack the entire world (Heise)

War on autopilot: meet Monstermind (Wired)

The Leaky Leviathan: Why the Government Condemns and Condones Unlawful Disclosures of Information (HarvardLawReview)



Featured image by Lightplay on Flickr

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