Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber Headlines for Today

Swim Call via America's Navy

Swim Call via America’s Navy

Now this is democracy in action! Foreign Policy wants YOU YES YOU to Name! That! Op!

From their Gordon Lubold’s daily email roundup:

Name that op! Yesterday we noted that the current U.S. military airstrike mission over northern Iraq did not have a name – which is odd since the military loves to name its missions. Over the transom, we have begun to hear from folks who want to name it.

Not sure how excited anyone will be about this, but of course we’ll accept other noms at This is not meant to be some kind of jingoistic endeavor, by the way, but we find it remarkable that the military hasn’t come up with anything as of yet.  A name will undoubtedly come shortly, we’re sure, but again – to name something is to define it, and the Obama administration isn’t quite there yet. In the meanwhile, this one from reader Brian Brunner:  “Operation ByeSIS.” Another from CrazyCrazyLarry, “Operation Dessert Bombing,” which we assume is a play on words in some way.


And now, today’s top headlines, a little bit late because for once I actually slept.

ISIS is weaponizing rape in Iraq (WarIsBoring)

Pentagon press release on the Yezidi rescue (Pentagon)

Today’s fascinating figure: The Yuri Orlov File (NSArchive)

Reagan-Era Order on Surveillance Violates Rights, Says Departing Aide (NYT)

How people consume conspiracy theories on Facebook (MIT)

A look at advanced targeted attacks through the lens of a human-rights NGO, World Uyghur Congress (HelpNetSecurity)

Freedom Activists Create Plugin To Block Advertising (AnonHQ)

Air Force coaches asked to help curb sexual assaults (AirForceTimes)

The Growing Threat From an EMP Attack (WSJ, paywall)

Public editor: Why can’t the Toronto Star interview Omar Khadr? (J-Source)

Statement from jailed Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy (AlJazeera/J-Source)

Exclusive: ISIS’s Enemies Ask Pentagon for Drones (DailyBeast)

Inspector General: Former DARPA head promoted own company, violating rules (NavyTimes)

Edward Snowden: the most wanted man in the world (Wired)

Public Interest Groups Call For Brennan’s Resignation (FP)

Government confirms there’s a new NSA leaker (CNN)

Chinese Hackers Breach Defense Firms behind Iron Dome and Arrow III (HSToday)


Featured Image via America’s Navy

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