Happy (?) Anniversary, Julian Assange!


Julian Assange sez Keep Fighting

Julian Assange sez Keep Fighting

Well, this has to be one of the most fraught and geeky organizational Facebook page updates we’ve ever seen.

For the non-hackery among us (and if you were hackery, wouldn’t you be reading everything from the sourcecode, green text on black?) the number 1337 is one of the KEY numbers in Geek Numerology. It signifies “leet,” a short form of “elite” that ultimately derived not only from its resemblance to English when typed on a TI-55 calculator, but also from the number of a particular UDP port used to access Windows 95 in a “Back Oriface” attack.

Numerologists, go to town on the rest of the numbers. That’s what the comments section here is for.

So, the WikiLeaks statement nods in the direction of the old-school anarchic hackery out of which Assange and it arose, contrasting those days with the harsher current realities, with their vast, unthinkable price tags and their grinding relentlessness.

Julian Assange has yet to be charged with a crime.

Assange remains in asylum the Ecuadorian Embassy in London; Sweden remains steadfast in their refusal to question him in situ about sexual misconduct allegations; the formerly-really-but-now-only-officially secret US Grand Jury continues to investigate WikiLeaks and Assange for unnamed possible offenses against the United States, and presumably his mother continues to worry about him (hi Christine!).



Featured image via Bitnik on Twitter

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