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Razor wire study

Razor wire study

All’s fair in love, war, and the Cryptosphere, kittens. Today we’ve got a Bitcoin and Middle East-rich roundup that includes the evergreen “How to Own a Police Car” handbook. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Look, there IS TOO money in Bitcoin…if you’re a researcher! (Let’s Talk Bitcoin)

The Cryptogram Solver: look like a cryptography expert in seconds! (Wordplays)

USBcoin disconnected for being a scam (Cointelegraph)

Blackwater lawyers accuse government of coverup. Pot/kettle continuum remains intact (AP)

Buy a gold mine with Bitcoin (AHAMetals)

Senator Patrick Leahy introduces legislation to curb NSA’s spying power (Reuters)

How to hack a police car (Facebook)

Why whistleblowers can’t whistle in-house (TheAtlantic)

Who to follow to follow the Gaza/Israeli conflict (IJNet)

Senate to White House: redact the redactions! (Guardian)

Not creepy at all cellphone tracker proves surveillance in UK, US, and Canada 3x greater than elsewhere (LivePhoneTracking)

“Iron Dome” not hacker-proof (Krebs)

OKCupid users okay with nobodies OR Social Engineering and the Single Gal (Gawker)

I turned the Israeli/Palestinian conflict into a game. Here’s what I learned (Kotaku)

How’s your database security? Fine!  £150,000 fine (Naked Security)


Featured Image via Scott Hart on Flickr

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