Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines from Around the World

It’s been a long week, full of plane crashes, buck passing, spies, spooks, hackers, Anons, and Ceiling Cat alone knows what else. Here’s our last roundup for this week, something to enjoy while you lounge poolside, or peruse idly as you wait for your burger to get that perfect char. And then good luck explaining what you’re reading to the rest of the family.

The emails that sunk a spy (BlackBag)

Apple sez “Nothing to see here, move along.” Hacker sez “Not so fast.” (

“Email, how does it work?” asks the Army Missiles and Space Program Executive Office (Gawker)

Blog law expert assassinated at home (Globe and Mail)

GoodGoogle Bad (Krebs)

The Forever Drone (WarIsBoring)

Interactive map of religious requirements on heads of state (FP)

Journalists nabbed in Iran (WaPo)

Journalist nabbed in Ukraine (CNN)

Kim Dotcom wants to abolish mass surveillance (BusinessInsider)

Happy anniversary, Schwa (BoingBoing)


Featured image via Beckittns

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