Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines for July 24

This week just gets crazier and crazier, people! After everyone got back from HOPE X looks like they all decided to release those reports they’d been sitting on, so we have quite a miscellany for you today; from a car hacking manual to the latest on the most-dragged-out-death-since-Boromir case of MtGox.


If you have a WordPress site, you won’t enjoy this news but you do need it (ArsTechnica)

Blacklisted: the secret government handbook for labelling you a terrorist (TheIntercept)

The Secret Government Handbook Itself (NationalCounterterrorismCenter)

Malcolm Gladwell muses on Kim Philby (TheNewYorker)

The Car Hacker’s Handbook (OpenGarages)

Turkish hacker takes on the UN and wins (Hackread)

I thought we just got OUT of Iraq? Going back in, apparently (WSJ)

Senator’s hypothesis: “I had PTSD when I plagiarized my thesis.” Status: unproven (AP)

Life in Syria under ISIS (NYT)

How the CIA stole a Soviet satellite (Medium)

European court condemns CIA secret prison in Poland (Reuters)

Cyber-threats and the power grid (PowerSource)

Surveillance of the Necronauts! Why the NSA spies on dead people (NationalJournal)

CNN’s iReporter app, meant to let people give news tips anonymously, exposes your login details (AppAdvice)

Operation Emmental makes Swiss cheese of banking security (HelpNetSecurity)

The Mexican Invasion: Counterinsugency, Gang Wars, and Black Helicopters (WhoWhatWhy) is Not For Sale! Much to MtGox’s chagrin (ArsTechnica)

The psychology of phishing (HelpNetSecurity)

Get ready!!!


Featured Image by Sara Lando on Flickr

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