Interwebbed: Top Global Cyber and Crypto Headlines

With the situation in the Ukraine, the situation in Gaza, and the situation on Twitter, it’s a busier day than normal in the Cryptosphere, so we decided to push out our daily link roundup a bit early. Here’s all the top news from around the globe.

Where the FAA dare not go; map of zones the US will not fly (WaPo)

Canadian House of Commons workers edit Wikipedia article on Constitutional Debate (Twitter)

AirBaltic is the first airline to accept Bitcoin directly (Coindesk)

TOR vows to patch holes; conference talk on exploiting holes abruptly cancelled (ArsTechnica)

Ticketmaster doesn’t need the competition: Scammers run concert ticket racket (Krebs)

Wall Street Journal more hacked than they thought (ValueWalk)

The future e-conomy is a dystopian ghetto OR Rabbits get skinned alive (Valleywag)

Washington DC cops organize bank robberies oops I mean “stings” (WaPo)

Accused Boeing spy to learn his fate in BC court today (CTV)

Israel is losing the social media offensive (Mashable)

Tweeting in a time of crisis; lessons learned from the Ukraine (FP)

Investigating the death of Polonium Man (DailyBeast)

$275 million to AT&T for secure communications systems in US embassies (DefenseOne)

Air Force launches spy satellites to spy on other satellites (Stars and Stripes)

Bank of America execs stalk and study The Poors (Dealbreaker)

Google wants to turn the endangered payphone into a wifi hotspot (TechCrunch)

Featured photo by raindog808 on Flickr



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  1. Interwebbed: Top Global Cyber and Crypto Headlines

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