The Cryptosphere founder Lorraine Murphy on AnonUK Radio

Here we (I) are (am) talking forest fires, Jeremy Hammond, the nature of “Anonymous” as an idea, the diversity of revolution, the tendency of government to retain and escalate control rather than to give it up, whether or not Snowden and Manning will be judged as heroes over time, the evolution of “the lawful,” the criminalization of protest, how to work around it, and damn if this doesn’t sound a lot more hardcore than it felt at the time.

This also went out on AnonOps Radio simultaneously. Sorry about the sound quality; it’s the best my Skype can do on this ancient computer. If I opened Facebook it would overheat completely.


Categories: Anon UK Radio, Anonymous, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Freedom, Hackers, Hacktivism, Media, NSA, Opinion, Philosophy, Podcast, Politics, Privacy, Radio, Rights, Surveillance

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