Interwebbed: Top Crypto, Cyber and Anon Headlines from Around the World for July 17, 2014

It’s that time again, kittens. That time where we dredge up anything interesting that happened today on the internet and steal it to post here. Pop a Jolt or Tab, don your Dataglove, and prepare to jack these stories directly into your brain.

Cryptocurrency finally connects to the gold standard thanks to INNcoin (WHBL)

The NSA is passing around your noodz! sez Edward Snowden (Guardian)

How to talk to babies about Marxist theory (TheToast, which is on an absolute roll lately)

Everything and more about #OpSaveGaza on Twitter (Twitter)

Whether it’s ineptitude or a cunning plan, the FCC is in no way fit to oversee the future of the internet (Esquire)

The World Bank sez: Bitcoin is a “naturally occurring” Ponzi scheme (Coindesk)

How to identify a Ponzi Scheme (SEC)

Wall Street went to Africa. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! Hint: it wasn’t good (ForeignPolicy)

Contest to get your dream app made for free (ZappzStudios)

PolicyGenius: the Trivago of Insurance Sales (PandoDaily)

Manifesto: Surveillance Self-Defence International (ElectronicFreedomFoundation)

The KKK tries IRL social media. It does not go well (WAFF)


Featured Image Spiderweb reflecting light by Thomas Leth-Olsen on Flickr

Categories: Anonymous, Apps, Cryptocurrency, Edward Snowden, FCC, INNcoin, Net Neutrality, News, NSA, OpSaveGaza, Philosophy, Politics, Wall Street, World Bank

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