Interwebbed: Headline Roundup for July 15, 2014

Rickroll of the day. Possibly of all time. Rick Astley meets Nine Inch Nails (YouTube)

Manifesto: Thoughts of a young Anon (AnonHQ)

In the spirit of the divine Monty Python we present the Pinterest board of the day (Pinterest)

Critical Update: Patch it or Pitch it for home network security (Krebs)

British spies want control of the internet. Here’s how they’re trying to get it (TheIntercept)

Secret agent man not so good at secreting (HitB)

Manifest Destiny, Cyber-Style! (ArsTechnica)

FTC wants control of the internet. Comment and tell them what you think of their Net Neutrality ideas once their website stops crashing (Techcrunch)

Irony Alert: Tech review site hacked. Russian hackers give its security protection one star (Techworm)

Hacker who stole from the Red Cross makes plea deal (Techworm)

TitCoin. This exists (Bustle)

In Sweden? Bored? The latest hearing in the Julian Assange case will be at 1pm tomorrow (Domstol)

Victory in the Nymwars! Google says pseudonyms are okay on Google +. Also: Google + still exists! (Cnet)

Levelling the playing field: lawsuit aims to establish the right to video on-duty cops (NYT)

Speaking of which:

Featured image via KnowYourMeme

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