Geek Gift Idea: The #Anonymous Christmas Sweater

Anonymous Christmas sweatshirt

Anonymous Christmas sweatshirt

If your favourite Anon isn’t really all that Anonymous and wears his/her mask on his/her sleeve, s/he might as well really go for it in this “Ugly Christmas Sweater” sweatshirt featuring snowflakes, pine trees, and the Guy Fawkes mask. It’s printed rather than knitted-in, but charming all the same and should last you several seasons. Also comes in a long-sleeved tee model, for warmer climes. The sweatshirt is $27 US plus shipping, the long-sleeved tee $18 from Urban Ultra Clothing.

And hey, look! A sale!

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  1. #Anonymous Inspires Urban Ultra Clothing Designs, Charity Donation | The Cryptosphere

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