Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 23

pyramids and monorails by HML via GifPorn on Facebook

pyramids and monorails by HML via GifPorn on Facebook

We made it to Friday again, kittens! Another work week behind us, another 48 hours of R&R to be anticipated, one mere shift away. Can you make it till then? You can, with the help of these news links. Wouldn’t want to see “ran out of material at water cooler chats” on your performance review, would you?

Here’s your material for the day:

State of Arizona tried to illegally import execution drug (AP) And its citizens can’t even buy codeine over the counter!

What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill (MIT)

Anonymous Declares War on Thai Junta (Hax) Not for the first time, either

Solicitation For Letters In Support Of Matthew Keys – For His Sentencing (Jay Leiderman) Keys is, uh, variably popular personally, but the case is an important one and the impact of these letters will be critical.

Home Office FOI – nation security cited in relation to plots to assassinate Julian Assange (HazelPress) Home Office, sweet Home Office

Security researchers face wrath of spy agencies: Academics deported, harassed, have contracts and clearances shredded after spookwork
(TheRegister) You can check out, but you can never leave

Files for lawsuit against CIA stolen in ‘suspicious’ break-in at UW (SeattleTimes) But don’t sweat it: they DO have backups. The question is, does Nixon have an alibi this time?

The Secret Service Snoozehounds Will Kill the President (Gawker) Remaining conscious on the job is indeed a minimum qualification for most gigs.

Get a killer deal on gun-heavy patriot clipart for all your NRA/KKK/Tea Party websites and personal stationery (Facebook)

Walmart Heirs See $11 Billion Disappear in a Day as Shares Tank (Minds) OpWalmart fell apart, but it looks like the stock market did their work for them

Youth of America, the NSA Wants YOU!!!1! (NSA) And unlike the Huffington Post, the NSA internships are actually paid.

FCC Votes to Stop Prisons from Charging $14 a Minute for Phone Calls (Motherboard) When wages are $0.12 an hour and up, that’s pretty steep

File under “Chilling Effects:” Hulk Hogan Allowed to Inspect ‘Gawker’s’ Computers, Phones to Investigate Leaks (TheHollywoodReporter)

Once Again, All Together Now: You Can’t Have An Agency Responsible For Citizen Security And For Government Security At The Same Time (PrivacyOnlineNews) Rick Falkvinge on the divergent interests of the citizen and the state

Way to go, Iceland! 26 bankers already sentenced to a combined 74 years in prison (IcelandMagazine)

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