Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 20

FROSTBURG Connection Machine CM-5 by brewbooks on Flickr

FROSTBURG Connection Machine CM-5 by brewbooks on Flickr

The great thing about hitting rock bottom is, there’s nowhere to go but up, right kittens? So this week it’s all uphill compared to last.


We hope you’ve got a bracing beverage by your side, a good breakfast in your belly, and one hell of an alibi, because the hackers got a jump on everyone this week.

Cheating site Ashley Madison got hacked: prepare for blackmail! (Krebs) and how in hell did we miss that when it was posted on the 15th? Krebs is a daily thing around HQ.

Petition: Home Secretary Theresa May : Allow activist Lauri Love to have his case heard in the UK (Avaaz) We can’t pretend to be unbiased in this one. SIGN GODDAM YOU SIGN! And here’s the petition if you live in the UK.

And DONATE! (CourageFoundation) Lauri Love is the latest beneficiary of Courage Foundation support, with this emergency fund.

Cthulhu stands with Lauri Love (Cthulhu) Will he be eaten first?

That Physicist in Omaha Is Still Working on a Warp Drive in His Garage (Motherboard) But come on, how fast can a garage realistically go?

Trident whistleblower William McNeilly ‘discharged’ from Royal Navy (Guardian) and not hung out to dry or thrown in a hole for the rest of his life? What? Don’t these Brits know how this is done? Didn’t they get that fucking memo?

The human cost of global spyware sales (Engadget) by Violet Blue

Just FYI: How to Write a Subpoena for Computer Records (Hack-igations) Here’s hoping none of us ever need to use this.

A Visit to the Sweat Lodge (BarrettBrownReviewOfArtsAndLetters/TheIntercept) Look who’s in the Intercept now!

Notorious 84-Year-Old Jewel Thief Is At It Again (Jezebel) Go, Granny, go! That David Yurman stuff is tacky anyway.

Swindlers Target Older Women on Dating Websites (NYT) Hey, we should introduce them to the jewel thief above!

Middle Eastern Cyber Army mastermind who hacked 3500 websites arrested in Bulgaria (TechWorm) He was not Charlie.

Tough UAE social media law could see expats deported for saving someone’s photo (TheNational) That’s it, cancel our trip to Dubai!

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  1. I want one of those light panels, but few Connection Machines were actually built. An ex of mine worked on them. She probably got to meet Richard Feynman there, given the timing. I should ask her.



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