Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 3



Did you miss us, kittens? First we were at Social Media Camp, then we spent a week in the arms of our old friend Post-Conference Flu, then ALL THREE of our computers died THANKS OBAMA, and now we’re back. For now. As long as we can jam the pc up against a wall to hold the power cord in place.

Wish us luck. And duct tape.

Anyhoodle, you must be starved for news, kittens, so we’ll get right to it. Please ensure your seat is in the upright position, with trays fastened before proceeding.

You got Goatse in my Facebook! Well, you got Facebook in my Goatse! (Motherboard)

The FBI is tracking you from the sky. Here’s how to track them back (Fusion)

Malware attribution: Why “whodunit” is important (Krebs)

Clearing your browser history? Yeah, that’s a felony (TheNation)

Pentagon offers to ransom documents to reporter in exchange for no more FOIA requests, ever (WaPo)

Pirate Party summer camp in Poland! (PirateTimes)

Masked protesters not a “veiled threat” to police after all (NetPol)

Suits and Spooks and Snitches: Norse cordially invites you to pay $300 to see Sabu in person (2600FB)

The Hypocrisy of the Internet Journalist (Medium)

The last Pirate Bay co-founder is free (TorrentFreak)

Three years as a pirate hostage (Guardian)

BC nutters found guilty of terror plot (Metro)

Canada’s top judge finds Canada guilty of genocide (APTN)

Meet the Trolls: The Russian internet drama propaganda agency (NYT)

What do the Patriot Act changes mean for you? (LifeHacker)


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